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Program for Homeownership: The ONE+ Mortgage


The Rocket Mortgage‘s ONE+ mortgage program, in partnership with Scout Lending, offers an innovative approach to home financing. It’s especially advantageous for first-time buyers, providing a more accessible route to homeownership. This program signifies a notable mortgage industry change, catering to those challenged by conventional home-buying methods. 

In addition to the innovative features of the ONE+ program by Rocket Mortgage, Scout Lending, can further enhance the home-buying experience. We offer specialized services that complement such programs, providing tailored advice and support to potential homeowners. Our skill in guiding mortgage choices and financial insights aid buyers in optimal decisions for their unique situations. For more specific information about what Scout Lending offers, visiting their website would provide comprehensive insights. 

Key Features of the ONE+ Program: 

  • Low Down Payment: The ONE+ program’s low down payment feature is tailored for broader accessibility. “The 1% down requirement opens doors for many, especially those with limited savings, making homeownership more attainable and less daunting.” This approach significantly lowers the barrier to entry, allowing a wider range of potential buyers to consider purchasing a home. 
  • Built-in Equity: The built-in equity of the ONE+ program by Rocket Mortgage, offers a solid start: “With an initial 3% equity, homeowners begin their journey with a stronger financial footing, offering immediate investment benefits and a sense of security.” This aspect provides an early boost to the homeowner’s equity, enhancing their financial resilience from the start. 
  • Grant Support: The grant support feature of the ONE+ program is especially beneficial and is enhanced by Scout Lending: “Scout Lending enhances this program with a 2% grant, reducing the financial burden on homebuyers.” This grant effectively eases the initial cost of home purchasing, making it a more feasible option for a broader range of buyers. This grant is provided by Rocket Mortgage – Scout Lending assist with originating it.


Eligibility and Benefits

ONE+ program nationally determines eligibility using income limits and credit score criteria for both first-time and repeat buyers. This approach ensures responsible borrowing and financial stability for applicants. For a more detailed overview of the eligibility criteria and benefits, please refer to Scout Lending

Impact on Homebuyers

This program not only aids in overcoming financial hurdles for many aspiring homeowners but also contributes to a more equitable housing market. By lowering the entry threshold, it enables a wider range of individuals to participate in the property market, fostering greater diversity in homeownership. 

The ONE+ program has a broader impact that extends beyond individual homebuyers, contributing positively to the overall housing market. By facilitating more inclusive financing options, it encourages a wider range of people to invest in their futures through homeownership. This initiative not only supports personal financial growth but also stimulates local economies and communities, showcasing the far-reaching benefits of accessible home financing solutions. For a comprehensive overview of the program and its wider implications, please visit Scout Lending

Unlock Your Dream Home with ONE+ Program

Rocket Mortgage’s program, known as ONE+, in partnership Scout Lending, presents an appealing solution for potential home buyers who face the challenge of a significant down payment. ONE+ enables 1% down payment and provides a generous 2% grant from Rocket Mortgage for homebuyers. This effectively means that they start their home purchase with 3% equity, thanks to the generous support of Rocket Mortgage. The program is available nationwide, welcoming both first-time and repeat homebuyers with no location restrictions. This creative approach eases the initial financial burden of home buying, increasing homeownership accessibility for a wider audience.

To qualify for ONE+ by Scout Lending, in collaboration with Rocket Mortgage, there are specific criteria to meet. A FICO® Score of 620 or higher is required for applicants, and the program is exclusively for single-unit primary homes. Additionally, individuals cannot earn more than 80% of the median income in their desired area to be eligible for this program. However, it’s important to note that this qualifying income doesn’t necessarily include bonus income or additional borrowers, providing some flexibility for applicants. ONE+ by Rocket Mortgage, in partnership Scout Lending, presents an attractive chance for eligible individuals to become homeowners affordably.



In conclusion, Rocket Mortgage‘s ONE+ program in partnership with Scout Lending represents a transformative step in home financing, particularly for those daunted by traditional down payment requirements. Our ONE+ mortgage program exemplifies innovative home financing. It’s a beacon of hope for aspiring homeowners, combining accessibility with financial prudence. With a low-down payment, built-in equity, and extra grant support, the program enhances affordability and accessibility to homeownership. Additionally, with a low-down payment, built-in equity, and extra grant support, the program enhances affordability and accessibility. This initiative highlights the importance of innovative, inclusive financial solutions in today’s economy. 

For personalized guidance and expert assistance in navigating the home financing process, consider reaching out to Scout Lending and Scout Industries. Scout Lending specializes in tailored mortgage solutions, offering valuable support and advice for your unique situation. Meanwhile, Scout Industries provides a range of real estate services, ensuring a comprehensive and seamless experience. To explore how these companies, including Scout Tax, can assist in your homeownership journey, visit Scout Lending and Scout Industries


With Rocket Mortgage, it’s fast. Convenient. And customized to your home buying needs.

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