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Where are you in the home buying process?
When are you planning to purchase your home?
What's your current living situation?
What is your price range?
Earlier, you mentioned that you have a signed purchase agreement.
What's the purchase price of the home you've picked out?
Will you sell your current home?
What's your primary address?
Do you need help selling your home? - We have a variety of options to choose from.
Our Scout Realty Advisors℠ can help you find the one that best suits your needs.
Have you found the home you want to buy?
What kind of home is it?
What's the price of the home?
How will you use your new home?
Do you know how much you want to spend on a new home?
What's the price of the home?
What's the lowest home price you're considering?
Where's the home you want to buy located?
Do you have a Real Estate Agent?
What's your agent's contact info? - Providing this info is helpful, but optional.
Would you like to utilize one of your preferred Scout Realty Advisors?
What's your legal name?
What's your marital status? - If you’re single or in a domestic partnership,
civil union or registered reciprocal beneficiary relationship, select single.
Are you in the military, a veteran or a surviving spouse?
How will you pay for your down payment and closing costs? -
Select all that apply.
What's the mortgage balance of your current home?
What’s your yearly income before taxes? This is the same thing as gross income.
Please try to get as close as possible.
What's your birthdate?
What's your Social Security number?
What is your Active Phone Number?
What is your Direct Email Address?

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